I have been working as a Domestic and Family Violence Men’s Behaviour Change Practitioner at the Domestic Violence Crisis Service, Canberra ACT Australia since March 2019. My days are spent working with men who use violence, power and control over their partners, families and/or children. In this role I co-facilitate and observe three different groups - a group readiness program for men waiting for the next core behaviour change course or for men who have not engaged in groups in the past and require something a bit less intense; the core Men’s Behaviour Change group, “Let’s Talk Respect” - a 20 week intensive group for men who use violence, power and control; and the “Caring Dad’s” group, for men to work towards building safer and more respectful relationships with their children and to help them better understand the impact that domestic and family violence has on children. Additionally, as a practitioner I engage the men in 1:1 case management that works through the content of the groups in a more personalised and individualised way, whilst also attempting to address any more general barriers the men perceive to influence their use of violence (alcohol, drugs, accommodation, employment, finances etc).

Previously I have worked at ACT Corrective Services as a Throughcare Transitional Officer, Probation and Parole Officer and Community Services Officer. In these roles I have assisted in the transition of exiting detainees from the local prison return to the community, supervised offenders from the courts and the prison whilst on supervised orders, and monitored the enagegement of offenders sentenced to community service hours.

In 2015, I was one of the five first ever graduates of the Australian National University’s Bachelor of Criminology.

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